The easiest, easiest and safest tool to prevent excessive water damage.


A forklift crashes into a sprinkler rack. A worker attaches decorations to a sprinkler. A machine breaks down and causes extreme heat development. All these events can lead to the unintentional activation of a sprinkler, resulting in major flooding. With the Shutgun at hand, you can prevent major and costly water damage.
One-handed activation
Less cleaning costs
Security by fuse connection
Optimal control of flooding
System operational within seconds

Guaranteed safe!

The Shutgun is the smallest, fastest and safest device on the market for shutting off activated sprinklers.It fits in your pocket and can be operated with one hand, so you can hold on to a ladder with the other hand, for example.If a dangerous fire does break out, the fuse will melt and the sprinkler will be activated again.

A single sprinkler can fill a bathtub in one minute!

Sprinklers save lives and your property, but a less pleasant side effect is water damage.A single sprinkler quickly sprays more than 227 liters of water per minute.This is equivalent to a full bath in less than one minute.

Since the fire brigade quickly needs 5 to 20 minutes to arrive at the relevant location and then quickly switch off the installation, this means that 4,500 liters of water are quickly released per sprinkler!

Every minute that a sprinkler is activated costs an average of€2,000 in water damage.If there is expensive equipment or electronics in your building, this can quickly amount to tens of thousands of euros in damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do sprinklers respond when activated?

In most systems, the sprinklers are continuously pressurized, so the sprinklers start spraying immediately as soon as they are activated.

At what temperature does a sprinkler go off?

Sprinklers are activated by heat and go off when the temperature around the sprinkler reaches or exceeds the preset temperature; usually this is 74 C. There are also cases where the sprinkler head was activated in extremely cold conditions, near an open window or door.

What activates sprinklers?

At activation temperatures, the liquid in the glass bulb expands or contracts, causing the glass to break and release the plug that holds back the water. The most common way sprinklers go off is accidentally. Usually this is caused by something or someone bumping into a sprinkler and breaking the glass.

How much water is released when a sprinkler activates?

Sprinklers spray 135 to 560 liters of water per minute. A 1.75″ fire hose sprays 500 liters of water per minute.

One activated sprinkler head will throw out a torrent of water in a 12' diameter circle, enough to fill a bathtub in less than a minute. The average 2.5 meter bathtub can hold 25 to 45 liters of water.

Do all sprinklers activate at the same time?

Only the sprinkler closest to the fire is activated. About ninety percent of fires are controlled by the operation of just one sprinkler.

What other problems, besides water damage, are caused by sprinklers?

The water from a sprinkler is laced with black and smelly dirt that has been stuck in the pipes for months or years.

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